Based in Montreal, Canada, Brunswick Exploration (TSX.V: BRW) is an early-stage exploration venture looking for metals necessary for decarbonization and the transition to renewable energy, such as lithium.

We are among the only public company that is aggressively and systematically conducting grassroots exploration for lithium in Canada using state-of-the-art exploration technology, including pegmatite discrimination criteria, satellite imagery and portable XRF multi-element geochemistry.

We know there is lithium out there – and we intend to find it by combining proven prospecting techniques with today’s innovative technologies.

What is greenfield exploration?

Looking for new, undiscovered mineral deposits is known as greenfield exploration

Our team of geologists begins by compiling available data and conducting research to identify locations where they believe the potential for minerals of interests might be found. Our technical field team is dispatched to conduct a prospecting program by gathering robust observational data using tried-and-true field geology techniques. The goal of the program is to reveal the presence of mineralization that may predict the presence of an unknown mineral deposit.